Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How NAHS Freshmen are adapting to High School Life

By: Caitlin van Rensburg and Sarah Whitmire

As the first half of the semester passes, the News from the Nest staff wondered about our freshman class’ impressions of Nazareth Area High School so far. We talked to four freshman homerooms about their transition to the high school and how their first quarter went.
When asked about their favorite part of moving to the high school, a majority of the surveyed freshmen answered that the high school provides more freedom than the middle school. The freedom to pick their classes, to see their friends more often, and to use the resources the school provides has become very appealing to many members of the freshman class.
The transition from middle school to high school is difficult for many incoming freshman. As a result, we asked about the most difficult part of their assimilation into high school culture. The most popular answer was the academic differences between the schools. Many students felt that their workload increased heavily as well as the way their homework and tests are graded. However, many students also added that after their first quarter, they have begun to get used to it.
There are many differences between the middle school and the high school. Our final question to the surveyed freshman was which school they preferred: the middle school or the high school. Twenty-four students reported that they like the high school better and seven reported that they preferred the middle school.

Perfecting the Path to Charlotte's Web

By: Morgan Bayda

The time for the Nazareth Area High School theatre troupe’s fall play has come and gone, and this year the play was Charlotte’s Web. I interviewed senior Makenna Mohn, who plays Charlotte, to get a behind-the-scenes look at all the time and hard work put into the plays to make them so spectacular.   

Makenna told me that in order to perfect the production, the crew and cast met for two days per week from five o’clock to nine. At the practices, the cast worked on blocking and getting to know their characters while stage crew worked on the lighting and making sure everyone’s microphones worked. She also told me that the cast would occasionally help the stage crew make props and build the set. 

When asked if she was excited to be portraying Charlotte, she responded, “Yes! Growing up, Charlotte’s Web was my favorite movie, and Charlotte was my favorite. I am excited and blessed to be portraying Charlotte because I feel like she has a story that needs to be heard. I am very thankful to have a wonderful director who helped me become a better actor.” 

Along with that, I asked if she personally believed the show would be a success to the public and she replied, “Yes, at least I hope so. I feel like a lot of people know the story, so hopefully it will be a hit.”

Makenna’s favorite part of the play was “A scene where I have to test to see if Wilbur’s radiant, so I make Wilbur run back and forth across the stage.” She said that she thought it was entertaining, and she hopes the audience enjoys that part too. On the other hand, her least favorite/most stressful part of producing the play, and she answered, “The microphones. Sometimes they don’t work, so you just have to project and hope the audience can hear me.”

Finally, I asked her if she had any advice to give to her fellow classmates or anyone who is thinking about trying out for a school production, and she replied, “Go for it. It’s an amazing experience, and it is a great way to make new friends. I have made so many friends through theatre, and it teaches you that patience is key.” 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

What is Nazareth's Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions?

Image result for thanksgivingWhat do NAHS students love to do on Thanksgiving?

Interviewed By: Norah Stivala 

We asked several Nazareth Students what their favorite Thanksgiving traditions are and here are some answers!

Kelly Lesinski- "My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating food with my family!"

Gianna Marchese- "My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and running the YMCA Pumpkin Pie 5K."

Kate Joseph- "My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to Michigan"

Emma Kilareski- "My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade"

Grace Rasmussen- "My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating food. My favorite food is mashed potatoes"

Jillian Rissmiller- "My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is when I get together with all of my family. Every Thanksgiving my grandparents do a breakfast, and then my other grandparents always do a turkey!"

Morgan Masel-  “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having my whole family over to my house. After dinner, we get together in the family room, break out the guitars, and have a family sing along.”

Cameron Roseto -“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching Thanksgiving football with my extended family from Roseto.”

Kiera Karve- “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is cooking with my family.”

Joe Gromlowiez- “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating cranberry sauce and candied yams.”

Natalie Meriwether- “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating mashed potatoes and playing scrabble.”

Monday, November 12, 2018

SPORTS: Fall Sports Recap

As the weather turns cold in Nazareth, we reflect on the athletic achievements of our students in the past few months.

Our News From the Nest team interviewed members of our fall sports teams to find out the team's accomplishments from this season, challenges overcome, their favorite memories, and their hopes for the future.

The reflections expressed are those of the individual students interviewed, not the official position of any team, coach, the NAHS athletic department, or News from the Nest.

Nazareth Cheerleading by Caitlin VanRensburg

Nazareth Area High School’s cheerleaders do their best every season to foster school spirit and motivate athletes in multiple sports. Their encouragement is integral to the success of teams such as football and basketball.

When asked about her season overall, senior Alex Kaintz responded, “We had a lot of ups and downs, but the season overall was successful. Everybody felt like a family, and we lucked out on having a really supportive and encouraging community.”

When asked about the biggest challenge of the season, Kaintz said, “With all sports, there comes defeat, and sometimes it was hard to keep school spirit high after losing and morale was down.”

Kaintz also noted her favorite memory over the last season. She remembered that after the senior night game, many of the current seniors sat in the middle of the field and reminisced about their journey together and the good times they had. Because many of the seniors have become close over the years, their last season was very emotional.

Even though Kaintz is a senior this year, she still has high hopes for next year. She said that she would like to see her peers grow as a team, improve in stunting, and continue to spread school spirit.

Nazareth Cross Country by Megan VanRensburg

Nazareth Area High School Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams had a successful season this year. Everyone on the team was working hard and going to after school practices every day to train for meets which typically range from 2 to 3 miles. The team has some amazing runners and their season definity proved that. The season is now over, but they improved tremendously, winning many of their meets.

They made some good memories throughout the season. Junior Christian Voloshen said that one of his favorite memories of this season was “going out to Hershey for states in order to support Travis Lahr.”

Even though it was a great season, there were hardships along the way, as he said, “many people had to cope with injuries such as shin splints, which caused some difficult obstacles that the team had to overcome.”

He hopes that next fall the post-season teams will qualify for states. According to Voloshen, it will take a lot of work, but with their dedicated athletes, it is achievable.

Nazareth Field Hockey by Sean Cleary

The season for the Varsity Field Hockey team was outstanding, according to junior Claire Zeffer. They made it to districts and beat teams including Whitehall, Lehighton, and Moravian Academy.

Zeffer said that her favorite memory of the season was all the bus rides, pasta parties, and team bonding activities. She also added that her favorite part of the sport is how close she became with all her friends.

Zeffer said that she will “always remember and cherish the time spent with my teammates the most and that the teams’ goals for next year include making it back to district playoffs, EPC playoffs, and to beat Pocono Mountain East.

Nazareth Football by Morgan Bayda

One of the many sports supported by both students and staff at Nazareth Area High School is the varsity football team. The season has come to end, and we spoke with varsity senior Heath Gagner to get his thoughts on how the season went.

“Overall I think the season went well. We had our moments where we really shined in certain games. However, there were a few that set us back and made it more challenging to receive a win the following week.”

Gagner also went on to say that because Nazareth is a smaller school, some in the Lehigh Valley might underestimate us compared to the larger districts. But he said that this “gives us the opportunity to show our skills and prove other people wrong.”

We also asked what he thinks the team could improve on for next year. He replied, “For the next season, our team needs to work on strength and speed. We need to be able to go into the weight room and receive the proper training that we desire. This will help us become bigger and faster, and now with the current plays and the upcoming freshman, it will make the team a very challenging contender to try and beat.”

Of course, like all teams, they faced some issues throughout their season, and we asked Gagner what he thought were some of the challenges the team faced this year and how they solved them.

“There were lots of factors this year that made it quite challenging. The number one thing that we did not have was strength and speed. Don't get me wrong, we had plenty of athletic players, but it just wasn't enough to match the other teams in most cases. We tried to improve by constantly working hard in the weight room whenever we had the chance to improve our skills.”

Gagner said they overcame their challenges by learning “to never quit and working on our mental toughness for the following games to come.”

Lots of hard work and effort were put into the season this year, and many of the players play football because they love the sport. The team that you play with becomes your family, and you make many strong bonds through the sport.

Nazareth Boys’ Golf by Margaret Lefebvre

Nazareth Area High School’s golf team, also known as Team Lakehouse, had five individuals go to EPCs. Three went to districts, and sophomore TJ Bohl made it to States.

The team’s favorite moment was when they shot under 400 strokes in one of their matches. Junior Gabe Samsel’s most memorable moment was when he hit under 94 strokes in one game.

Samsel says the team’s motto is to shoot your best score, leave your mark, and make a purpose on the team.

Marching Band by Sean Cleary

Overall this has been a pretty successful season for the Nazareth Area Blue Eagle Marching Band. We interviewed junior trombone player Megan Christensen about her season.

Christensen  says that the season overall was really fun, especially with the fact that the band grew from about 65 members to 95. She adds that she “would never trade this opportunity for anything else.”

One of the biggest challenges of this season was to simply keep overcoming their previous best to keep improving.

Christensen said that her favorite memory of the season was jumping from a score of 86 in Upper Moreland to a score of 91 in Whitehall in only a week. Her personal hopes for next year are to “be a better marcher and better trombone player.”

On Saturday November 10th, the Marching Band performed in the Cavalcade of Bands championship at HersheyPark Stadium; the Blue Eagles finished in third place with a score of 95.00. The season is not quite over yet though, as the Marching Band prepares for their trip to Disney World in mid-December.

Christensen ends with a quote from Drum Corps International world champion Santa Clara Vanguard: “If you remove your self-doubt and start believing in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.”

 Nazareth Girls’ Soccer by Amy Meriwether

The Nazareth Girls’ Soccer team has had a wild season this year. Soccer has always been a very competitive sport, but this year the girls were on edge all throughout the season. I talked exclusively with senior Morgan Masel, one of the four team captains.

When asked what the biggest challenges that her team had to overcome were, Masel said, “We did have a very young team. 6/11 of the players on the starting roster this year were underclassmen, but they came out strong every game and did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

However, that wasn’t the hardest challenge they had faced. She said, “Another big challenge we faced this season was the difficult schedule we played. We had to play the top 3 seeded teams in the league on 3 consecutive days. Although all of our players were exhausted and many in pain or injured, we were able to fight through those 3 games and set a high precedent ending our regular season and going into leagues.”

Even though they are losing some key players on the field, including Masel herself, she believes that the rising seniors will follow in the shoes of this year’s seniors and create a great example for the next set of players.

Overall, the Nazareth Girls’ soccer team has had a very successful season. They made it into the EPC finals, beat the #2 and #3 top seeded teams, and had two seniors make the EPC All-Conference 1st team along with two sophomores who made made the EPC All-Conference 2nd Team. Masel ended by saying, “Although this season didn’t end with the victory we had hoped, I am so proud of how far we went this year and how hard we played in every single game!”

Nazareth Boys’ Soccer by Trinity Wambold

The Nazareth Boys’ Soccer team had an overall record of 2-15-1. We interviewed senior Zane Hawk and junior Lavinash Kooma in regards to their feelings about the overall season. The varsity and junior varsity teams were under the management of two new coaches according to Hawk. Due to the change in coaches, Hawk said this season was an “adjustment period.” Even though this season had some rough patches, Lavinash Kooma was able to say that “overall the season was a ton of fun.”

When asked what the biggest challenge that the team had to overcome was, Kooma said that “the biggest challenge we faced this year is that we were a young team,” so getting used to the team chemistry affected the season’s results. Hawk had a similar response saying that “the soccer team’s biggest challenge was coming out and being confident against different teams.”

Kooma’s favorite memory from the 2018 season was senior night. He claims that “We played the best I’ve ever seen us play that game.” As for Hawk, his favorite memory was “when we scored the first goal against Emmaus which hasn’t been done in a while.” It appears that even though they had some challenges, they were still able to have some great accomplishments during the season.

Nazareth Girls’ Tennis by Margaret Lefebvre

The girls’ tennis team had a great season with Junior Alyssa Landolfi achieving second in EPCs 3rd singles, and the rest of the team achieving fourth in all positions. Along with that, Senior Halle DeNardo got third in District Singles and third in District Doubles with her partner Jenn Soika.

DeNardo’s favorite moment was when the whole team came together to cheer everyone else on. She said the team has a very fun and loving atmosphere. They really worked great together and played very well.

DeNardo’s most memorable moment was her first match against Parkland. She said, “It was tough, but I was able to pull out a win.”

With such a successful season, DeNardo and the seniors advise others to “Never give up. Tennis is a big mental game, so not only should you practice physically but also mentally too. Don’t let any opponent get into your head, and keep fighting till the end. Remember to have fun.”

Nazareth Girls’ Volleyball by Krina Patel

The girls’ volleyball team has had a record-breaking year filled with victorious wins and devastating losses. Emily Quinn, a senior on the varsity team, raved about this year’s outstanding achievements.

Quinn said the year started off with struggles that could’ve cost them significant wins. Some of these challenges included being down five seniors from last year, players being repeatedly injured, and getting accustomed to the new environment of the middle school gym. However, the team did not let these problems control their season.

They became the first Nazareth girls’ volleyball team to win a gold medal in the 2018 Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. They beat Parkland, one of the best girls’ volleyball teams in the area, twice. They also had a record-breaking season with only three losses. When asked about what generated all of these achievements, Quinn said, “Everyone put 100% into everything which had a positive impact on how we did as a team.”

Quinn hopes that in the upcoming year the underclassmen step up proudly to their new leadership roles, and that if they do happen to get discouraged, she hopes they will turn it into drive similar to how this year’s team did.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

FEATURE: How Do You Create an Art Show?

By: Sofia Zaldivar and Sarah Whitmire

We asked two of the art teachers, Ms. Stager and Mrs. Miller, some questions about the high school Art Show. Here are their answers:

How would you explain our Art Show to a new student?
The Art Show is a comprehensive show of artwork from all of the artists in our school. We feature painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, fashion design, graphic design, and various other artistic media.

How long has Nazareth been doing the Art Show?
It’s been going on for much longer than any of the art teachers have been here! I bet it’s been at least 30 years.

About how many students participate, and how many people attend the Art Show each year?
We try to collect attendance, but not everyone who comes signs in. As far as the number of people who actually sign in are concerned, we had approximately 300 visitors.

What do students have to do to participate?
All students who have art classes during the year are expected to have work in the art show. Depending on the level of the class, a student might have responsibilities to prepare their art for the show and/or create the display for their artwork.

About how long does a student spend on their board(s)?
The art department starts preparing for the art show months ahead of time. Some classes may have preparation assignments, such as sketching out their board designs, a month prior to the show. Actual construction of the displays varies based on the class and the design. The 3-D Arts class has the least available time to set up their artwork, as they must wait for the display space to be put together, while our 2-D classes can work in advance on their board designs.

What do you enjoy most about having the Art Show?
I enjoy getting to see the artwork all the students have created each year. It is exciting to see a whole body of work from one artist and the pride students take in exhibiting their work.

What are your goals for the Art Show next year?
We try to make it just a little bit better and more exciting each year. My biggest goal is to increase the interactivity of the show for the viewers.

FEATURE: CIT Awards Show 2018

By: Joe Burke

Last Wednesday night, May 23, the 52nd Senior class of the Career Institute of Technology, also known as CIT, had its end-of-the-year award ceremony. The auditorium at Nazareth High housed the parents and friends of graduating members of the CIT program from Pen Argyl, Easton, Bangor, Wilson, as well as our own graduating students. The stage was full of dressed-up students prepared to enter the workforce and make livings for themselves.

The beginning of the proceedings saw Mrs. Adrianne Jones, the Administrative Director at the school, give a short address to the students congratulating them on their achievements and their perseverance in the programs in which they have devoted so much of their time and effort to. Afterward, the Vice Principal of the institute Mr. Matt Edwards came to the podium to present the seniors with their awards.

Each member of the graduating class was recognized with at least one award. Some received one of the various Program Completion Certificates, which came to students who enrolled in a class for six months; others received a Performance Level Certificate for achievement on the NOCTI/NIMS exams. Among some of the classes recognized were the Culinary Arts, Welding Technology, CAD and Engineering Graphics, and the Automotive Collision and Detailing programs.

Once each graduate received recognition, awards for exemplary performance in class were presented. Students received scholarships as well as money towards their education as a result of showing genuine dedication to their craft.

Some of these awards, provided by their corresponding organization or in remembrance of certain people, were CIT Foundation, Inc. Scholarship and Tool Awards, Donald H. Marsh Memorial Award, and the Educational Support Personnel Association “We Believe in You” Award.

Then, for the last recognition of the evening, the “most prestigious,” award as Mr. Edwards put it, was given out. The William A. Foltz Memorial Award is in remembrance of a founder of the school who devoted much of his life to see the school become what it is today. The recipient of the prize would receive a cash prize of 2,000 dollars.

The nominees for this recognition were James A. Barker of Welding Technology, Katie A. Emann, Robin A. Lurch, and Gina M Mesiano of Cosmetology, and James A. Tazzetto of Culinary Arts. After a brief speech by Mr. Eric Kahler, the award was eventually given to James Barker for his incredible commitment to his class. Finally, closing remarks were given and the ceremony reached its conclusion.

Congratulations to all graduating members of the CIT 52nd Senior Class.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

FEATURE: Does NAHS Really Have a Fallout Shelter?

By Dante Requena

Seeing as the school was built in 1955, there are bound to be some relics from days long past hidden around the school. While most of the school has been remodeled and made to look new, there are rumblings in the halls of a long abandoned fallout shelter hidden underneath the very floor that hundreds of students walk on every day…

Well, that's partially true: the door to the fallout shelter lies directly across from the engineering room. You open it and a very plain concrete stairwell greets you. The stairwell leads to a large room filled with old desks and a large section of it caged off by a fence.

The head custodian leading our tour informed us that this was actually used as an in-school suspension room. The room is also home to the school’s old incinerator which still has some ashes from documents from the 1970s and 80s. In the caged area, there is also a small door leading to a pipeline.

And after another flight of stairs we were finally in the “fallout shelter.”

Looking past the fact that it’s a small room only about the length of one classroom and the width of a hallway, it would probably be the safest place in the school in that type of event. It acts as an intermediate room to the boiler room and the old custodian break room.

The room itself is very empty containing only a desk, a very heavy cabinet, and what seemed to be an air conditioning unit from the 1970s. There is also an old booklet about heating and air conditioning from the early 1970s.

While the truth is never as exciting as the myth, it was still an experience to be able to see the famed “fallout shelter.” It also goes to show how the school has a very cool history that can still be found throughout the very building.
Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold 
Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Friday, May 18, 2018


Prom 2018 is right around the corner! Get to know your 2018 NAHS Prom Court members!


Ian Henderson

What are you most excited for about prom?
Having a good time with good people.
What is your favorite high school memory?
Raymond Kaminski’s class and playing baseball.


Michelle Homanick

What are you most excited for about prom?
I’m most excited for the prom pictures and seeing everyone all dressed up.
What is your favorite high school memory?
My favorite memory is getting to dance at last year’s homecoming pep rally.


Grace Kindt

What are you most excited for about prom?
I’m excited to dance with all of my friends and be with my grade for one of the last times.
What is your favorite high school memory?
Being Jo in Little Women


Mathew Lazzarini

What are you most excited for about prom?
I am most excited for prom is taking pictures with my friends and dancing.
What is your favorite high school memory?
My favorite memory is beating the Parkland Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team this year which is the first time in Nazareth Volleyball history.


Robin Lerch

What are you most excited for about prom?
I am most excited to dress up and have a good time with my friends at our last formal high school event.
What is your favorite high school memory?
My favorite high school memory is painting up for sporting events with all my friends.


Tyler McCrone

What are you most excited for about prom?
The food and a fun time dancing
What is your favorite high school memory?
My favorite memory would be gym volleyball and square dancing. I also love the popcorn chicken bowl at lunch.


Noah Mennona

What are you most excited for about prom?
I’m excited to enjoy a fun night with all my friends again after high school.
What is your favorite high school memory?
Beating Easton at Cottingham Stadium


Claire Regan

What are you most excited for about prom?
There are so many things I’m looking forward to! I can’t wait to get dressed up, take pictures, and dance with all my friends.
What is your favorite high school memory?
My favorite high school memory was this year’s homecoming. From the pep rally, to the football game, to the dance, & to my best friend Devynn being named queen, it was an amazing time that I’ll remember forever.


Blake Samsel

What are you most excited for about prom?
Seeing all of my friends together for one of the last times.
What is your favorite high school memory?
One of my favorite high school memories is being put in the “Row of Death” in Mr. Kaminski's room. Another memory is the time I got to spend with my friends in soccer during summer practices.


Abbey Shiffert

What are you most excited for about prom?
I am most excited about going to prom to be with my friends to dance and take pictures.
What is your favorite high school memory?
My favorite memory of high school is all of the friendships I have made throughout high school as well as all the teachers.


Kayne Stoner

What are you most excited for about prom?
Pre-prom activities and pictures.
What is your favorite high school memory?


Emily Zuluaga

What are you most excited for about prom?
I love the preparation for prom. Everything from the dress to hair and makeup to taking pictures. I’m also excited to dance with all my friends and be with the class of 2018 at one more dance.
What is your favorite high school memory?
One of the best parts of high school was being a part of the student section. I’ll never forget nights spent with them, and I’m so grateful for the friends I made. More specifically, my favorite, most memorable night was when we made history and beat Easton at their home stadium. Not only did we beat a rival, but there was an undeniable sense of spirit and pride in the student section that I’ll never forget.

All photos courtesy of Megan Hunter

Friday, May 4, 2018

TEACHER FEATURE: Getting to know Mrs. Rakos!

Welcome to NAHS's regular Teacher Feature! We interviewed Mrs. Gina Rakos, NAHS science teacher!

Photo Credit: Maggie Lefebvre
What is your favorite part about being a teacher at Nazareth?
I love my students and how engaged they are in learning.

What is one of your hidden talents?
I like to sing. When I was in high school, I was in the musicals and chorus.

What is one thing that your mother or father taught you that completely changed your life? 
My parents always stressed the value of education and how important it is to strive for excellence

Why did you want to go into Biology? 
I was interested in nature since I was a young child. I even watched shows about science as far back I can remember. 

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
I would read more books for pleasure.

Are there any embarrassing teaching moments that you are willing to share? What are they? 
I once fell off a desk backwards.

How do you spend your summer breaks? 
I generally relax, work in my garden, go fishing, and spend time at the beach with my family.

If you could teach any other class in the school, what would you teach and why? 
I wouldn’t teach any other class. I love biology.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

NEWS: First Story Slam at NAHS

by Abigail LeDonne

      The first ever Story Slam competition took place at the NAHS Library Media Center on Thursday, April 26th during 4th block and Eagle Block. The Story Slam was presented in conjunction with Lehigh Valley Story Slam, an organization that includes competitions at Nazareth High School, Moravian Academy, and Lehigh Valley Charter Arts.

     In a Story Slam, students can sign up to participate in advance or on the spot, names are drawn out of a hat, and students get on stage to tell a story about a particular theme. The competition is evaluated by two judges who pick four students from each school who will advance to the final competition tonight, Thursday May 3rd at 7:00 at Moravian Academy.

     The theme at Nazareth last week was "Rising Above" and each student's story had to revolve around that idea. Twelve students competed at Nazareth and were judged according to their story presentation and its connection to the theme. The four Nazareth students who advanced to the final round at Moravian are junior Collin Disbrow, sophomore Alex Lynch, sophomore Carson Pieper, and senior Josiah Snyder. They will compete with eight students from the other schools.

    Read Collin Disbrow's winning story below:

     To think about rising above, there is probably one minuscule moment in my life that I can think of that epitomizes that idea. Every year for the past couple of years, I’ve been partaking in this event that is very dear to my heart. It’s through Boy Scouts. It’s known as National Youth Leadership Training, and through that it gives the youth the ability to teach to the youth of tomorrow the ability to lead.  
Photo Credit: Sandy Jameson

     Now, I love this program with all my heart, and I decided that I was going to partake in it after participating in it my first year, and when I first joined, they gave me the position of troop guide. Now, troop guide means that you’re in charge of 6 kids, and those kids are your little lambs to follow you for two weekends in April, and I can remember that one of the most difficult things about it was the fact that we had to give presentations all of the time. Troop guides are in charge of three half hour presentations on anything from solving problems to leading in general.
     And then, my senior patrol leader, which is kind of like the head honcho of boy scouts, he tells me, “Oh, by the way, you know how great you are at presenting? I’m going to give you a bonus presentation. This one is an hour long.” So I had about two weeks to put this thing together, and I finally had it down. I had some great pictures for it, some great visual aids, and I have this great dialogue ready, and I had a video, and it was fantastic. I put it all in a powerpoint, and I emailed it to my senior patrol leader, Chris. 

     Now Chris, when we got to camp that day, was like “Alright, are you ready for your presentation?” I said, “Yeah, I can’t wait, this is going to be great!” So, we sat down, and I connected the computer to the monitor, and I connected that to the projector, and I started to go through his email. I started scrolling through, searching in my email. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing in my name at all. I was like “Chris, hey, do you remember when I sent you my presentation?” He goes, “No, I don’t think I got it,” and that’s when my heart started to race, and I probably shed a couple tears.  

     At that point, I knew I was going to have to wing a presentation for an hour. So in the ten minutes that I had to prepare and hold off these rabid groups of children ready to hear me speak, I gave it a shot. I had this massive notepad in front of me, and I started scribbling random thoughts on it. It was a presentation on valuing people so I said, “Um, um, valuing people...” (that was a good starter), and then I started going down the line, and I thought, “Don’t judge people? Be nice to people?”  

    And I managed to pull that off for an hour, but as I was going through it, my voice started to get more and more clear. I started to understand that if I had known that I knew the information in my head, I wouldn’t have stressed so much, and at that moment, I knew that that was my time to rise up. Thank you.