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SPORTS: Spring Sports Preview UPDATE

News From the Nest staff interviewed several NAHS spring sports athletes to get a look at their upcoming seasons and an inside perspective on their team.


Track & Field
by Kelsey Meriwether 

Track and field is an interesting sport to look at the success of the team because each person works towards individual goals and attempts to beat their own personal bests. We spoke to several track team members, and they are looking forward to another awesome season.
       When asked what she was most looking forward to, junior Abbey Radcliffe said, “I’m most looking forward to meeting new people and being apart of a huge family. Also, hopefully, making new running personal records!”
       This appears to be a common sentiment among the athletes, as junior Emily Kern said, “I’m most looking forward to becoming more successful this year. Because over the past few years I’ve improved little by little, and I’m excited to possibly make it to leagues and districts in an individual event.”
       She is very excited to get back to working with friends to achieve their own goals: “I also just love the environment of being outside on the track in spring weather and being with some friends I don’t normally see.”
       The team has had some success over the last several years, but the girls said that this season has a lot of potential. Radcliffe is excited by the potential of the new, younger athletes, and Kern says that this year’s upperclassmen have a good attitude and thinks that this will make a huge difference in the success of the team. With the potential of these new athletes, the Nazareth Track and Field team will be sprinting toward success.


Boys’ Volleyball
by Abbie LeDonne

       Boys’ volleyball is a thrilling sport that gets everyone involved since it is centered around teamwork and communication. After speaking with a junior on Nazareth Area High School’s Varsity Boys’ Volleyball team, Tyler Kondash, I dove into the makings of their current season.
      When asked what he looked forward to most in the upcoming season, Tyler said “Just having fun with my team and getting to hangout with them and play the sport I love.” After spending many hours a week practicing and playing games together, a close relationship forms between the teammates, especially when they can all bond over something they love.
      Tyler believes that the team has lost many key senior players, but the current team has grown and is more prepared than ever. As with any sport, the jump from Junior Varsity to Varsity is quite a challenge. Kondash agrees that “It really is a whole new game and tempo.”
      Along with the challenge of adjusting to Varsity, he claims, “The team as a whole has to overcome the challenges brought to us throughout the season, but we stick with each other through every challenge we face.”
      Despite the challenges the team has overcome this spring and through previous seasons, Kondash thinks they may have a chance at winning a record or even a championship this volleyball season.


Girls’ Lacrosse
by Trinity Wambold 

Girls’ lacrosse is a sport that is full of teamwork and communication. We spoke with senior, Emily Simpson, and were able to get a look at their upcoming season and what it is like to be a part of our girls’ lacrosse team here at Nazareth Area High School.
       We asked Emily what last season was like and what the upcoming one is shaping up to be. She responded with a huge smile on her face saying, “We did pretty good last year, and we made it to districts, but we lost a lot of key players and starters, so this year we are going to have to fill those spots, so everyone is going to have to work extremely hard to prove ourselves to our fellow teammates and our coaches.”
       Even though she stated that this upcoming season will be slightly challenging, she was glad to tell us that “[she’s] still very excited.”
      She also told us what it was like to be part of the team. We asked Emily what she was looking forward to most for this season and she said, “The bus rides and being able to play varsity lacrosse and being able to play my last year of lacrosse with people I’ve grown up with.” It seems as though those bus rides are very fun since she started laughing as she talked about them.
      The most heartwarming answer came from when she was asked what was her favorite part of being on this team: “Being a part of a team and being able to hang out with girls everyday who are like family to me.” Girls lacrosse comes across as a team who is almost like a family and will conquer this season as one.


by Kayleigh Vo

Softball is often compared to baseball, but there are many differences between the two including playing rules, field size, and type and size of equipment. Although there are many similarities, as softball was derived from baseball, it should be treated as a separate sport.
        Daphney Adams, a junior on the softball team at NAHS, talked to us about the upcoming season.
        Her favorite things about being a part of the team are that “You have 20 girls that are automatically your friends.” Along with a strong connection with her team, she can’t deny that “the bus rides are pretty lit. The trip to Florida is awesome. Winning is pretty awesome.”
        Speaking of Florida, the team left Thursday, March 22 to stay at Universal in order to play three scrimmages and two games there. When asked how last season was, Adams told us that it “start[ed] out 7-0” before they suffered a three game losing streak. However, they didn’t fret because they quickly won and “evened out with a little above 500 before making it to districts. Then, [they] lost in the second game.”
        Though last season ended in districts early, according to Adams, this season is currently looking “really good right now since it’s pretty much the same varsity people as last year and a couple transfers.”

by Kayleigh Vo

Baseball requires hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes along with a strong sense of teamwork. Players are so close that one junior on the NAHS team, Ryan Johnson, referred to his teammates as his “second family.”
        According to Johnson, our school’s team is currently looking “very strong.” So much so, that he claims “it is realistic to set our sights on a district championship.”
        There may be tons of fun and involvement playing baseball, but Ryan describes it as “a game of failure.” He elaborates that “Every game, you fail, especially when hitting. You are seen as a great player if you succeed 3 out of 10 times when up at bat.”
        Through all the hardships of failing, there are always positives that outweigh them. Johnson tells us his favorite thing about being a part of the team is being “able to get to know the other guys, interact with them, and find a newfound respect for all of them.”

Boys' Lacrosse
by Dante Requena and Kelsey Meriwether

        Lacrosse is an up and coming sport in the United States and the boys lacrosse team at Nazareth is hoping to have an awesome season this year. We spoke to junior Cole Osmund and his goal for the team this year is for the team to increase their success this season. 
        When asked if the team was strong this year Osmund answered, “I’d say we are a very close team.” The boys are hoping that their hard work will pay off and lead to a great season. 
During the 2016 season, the boys had a record of 10 wins and 8 losses and are hoping to do even better than last year. They are off to a good start as they won against Northampton on Wednesday 3/28. 
         The boys have many good memories about playing together and intend to create even more in the next year. We wish the boys good luck and hope that they have a great season. 

Boys' Tennis
by Kelsey Meriwether

          The boys tennis team has often had successful seasons and this season is looking like another one in the making. The boys will compete in pairs and in individual events and there is a lot of potential in both competitions. 
           Junior Nathan Tauber told us, “I think that this will be a great season for us. We have a lot of talent on the team and each of our players are among the best in our district in each of their positions. We definitely have a chance at winning the league and team districts.” 
In previous years, many Nazareth boys have achieved a lot in both single and doubles events. Tauber’s older brother won district singles last year and Nate is hoping to follow in his footsteps. We spoke to another junior, Soham Patel, and he is looking forward to getting his foot in the door and succeeding in more challenging matches. He is motivated because, “It is more fun playing better people, even if I lose, rather than win easy matches.” 
This season should be a great one based on the optimism we’ve seen. We wish the team the best of luck in the upcoming season. 

A previous version of this story was published on March 23, 2018

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