Thursday, April 26, 2018

NEWS: FLBA Teams Compete at State Competition

By Sofia Zaldivar

Photo Credit: Wes Koser
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) had its State Leadership Conference on April 8 to April 11. Participants were assigned to (1) take the test in their business knowledge or (2) be qualified to compete in events. Advisor Mr. Wes Koser and participants got to stay at Hershey Lodge.
Clarice Cook is a junior who participated in States for Publication Design along with group members Katie Madson and Riley Radosavich. The group ranked fifth by completing their task of creating a fresh food delivery system for families with dietary needs. Ahead of time, they created a PowerPoint, business cards, three promotional products, a poster, website, and social media account to advertise their company. At the competition, they competed with two teams from each region totaling over 30 regions from the state.
Dante Requena, a junior who participated alongside Justin Pallante and Evan Conklin, was ranked tenth. Unlike Clarice, Dante took the Marketing test. Out in Hershey, however, there was a communication mix-up that put a damper on their team’s results. He explained, “We were finalists, but we didn’t know, so we missed our event and were disqualified.” Overall, he felt that “it was a really fun time.”
Makenna Ehrlich, also a junior, was ranked second for the Insurance and Risk Management test. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel like she studied as much as she should have for the test. To prepare, she said she made some flashcards and studied them twice.
She said that the test seemed fine when she started, but the middle of the test made her feel like she “should have read over more things.” Because of that, she felt like “it could [have gone] well or it could [have gone] really badly.”
Even through that obstacle, Ehrlich placed second, scoring only two points lower than a student from Parkland who placed first. As her prize, she got a plaque and advances to Nationals in Baltimore. For Nationals, she says that she is definitely going to prepare more for it since she’s very competitive and “would love to win.” Jokingly, she added, “I don’t think I can wing it the third time!”

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SPORTS: Teachers vs Seniors Basketball Game

by Brian Kollgaard

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach
On Friday, April 13, Nazareth Area High School Interact Club hosted the first annual Seniors vs. Teachers Basketball Game in the gymnasium.

The teacher team included eleven players led by teacher-coaches Mrs. Rakos and Mrs. Kreider-Davis. The student team had thirteen players led by student coaches: senior Zac Keifer, sophomore Anthony Harris, and junior Nick Simone.

Before the event started, we asked Mrs. Heimbach for her prediction on the game. She told us, “[The] faculty and staff are full of some real ballers; however, the senior team has incredible athletics. I think it’s going to be a very close game, and I think the teachers are gonna pull out the dub.”

Mrs. Heimbach was proven right, and the teachers ended up winning with a close score of 58-56.

The entrance fee was three dollars with the fees going towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In total, the club was able to raise over $500 for LLS.

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach

Photo Credit: Mindy Heimbach

Friday, April 13, 2018

NEWS: Walk Out for School Safety

by Kelsey Meriwether
Photo Credit: Kacy Clowser

On March 14th, students across the country walked out to protest violence against students. Nazareth was no different, as over 300 students left class and went outside to call for the prevention of school violence. Once outside, many students spoke about different topics relating to school violence, mental health awareness, and becoming activists.

When walking out, students had a lot to consider. Was the event going to be extremely politically based? Would they miss too much class? Was it simply too cold out?

We spoke to one student who walked out, junior Sarah Jani, and she said that she walked out because “[she] think[s] gun control is an issue that is current, and there are all these shootings, and there hasn’t been any action. [She] believe[s] students should do something to make a change.”

On the other hand, we talked to junior Paige Carach, a student who did not walk out, and she told us that she was not really concerned with missing class but, instead, did not participate because she “thought it would be more political than it actually ended up being.” The main concern of many of the people planning the event was maintaining political neutrality and focusing on mental health and preventing the death of more students.

We spoke to Mr. Davis, and he said that after communicating that the school would be allowing students to walk out, he was concerned about the backlash from people who did not agree with the school participating in such a “political issue.” The planners focused on what the National Walkout’s website said to understand what they were recommending, and they also reached out to several students who had previously expressed interest in participating in this type of event.

The administration was extremely concerned about maintaining the safety of students and keeping any counter-protesters away from them. The students were kept in the center of the school’s campus in order to protect them from, as Mr. Davis said, “some knucklehead who’s out there and wants to do something devious.”

The students then took over and planned out the actual event, including the speeches. We spoke to two of the speakers, sophomore Natalie Meriwether and sophomore Emma Vickery, about why they believed this event was something that they wanted to get involved in.

Meriwether said, “Personally, I am very passionate about this topic, and I believe it is very pertinent to our generation. None of us want to see anymore lives lost to gun violence.” While she was more focused on the violence and preventing, Vickery was very concentrated on the mental health side of the issue. She said that it was important to her because “Most of the violence that occurs isn’t even mass shootings; it’s suicides.” That fact astounded her and caused her to believe that this event is very important.

Both girls spoke of the peace and unity that was felt at the event. They were concerned about counter-protesters yet, none showed up. Overall, the speakers and administration was very satisfied with the outcome of the event.

Meriwether tells us that as another country-wide walkout is rapidly approaching on April 20th, students and administration are talking about what Nazareth will do this time.

Photo Credit: Megan Hunter

Photo Credit: Megan Hunter

Photo Credit: Megan Hunter

Photo Credit: Megan Hunter

NEWS: 'Little Women' Comes to Nazareth

by Joseph Burke

Photo Credit: Sue Durner
Last weekend, the Nazareth High School Theater program opened the curtains on their production of Little Women. The show, directed by Mr. John Andreadis, has been in development since before winter break, with all the cast and crew working at their hardest to bring the musical to life. Now, the stage lights are on, and the cast is ready to carry on with the production through this second weekend of performances.

“Ticket sales seem to be ramping up since the first weekend,” said director Andreadis in an email interview. “It seems like there must be a buzz about the show!”

          Rehearsal for the musical started back in January, and the cast have frequently been meeting and practicing since then. “Every show has its difficulties, but Little Women stockpiled all of them at the beginning,” Andreadis remarked. “I took the role of director right before auditions, not knowing the show at all and having to read and re-read the script until I felt comfortable enough to cast the show.”

          Despite having some difficulties at the start of the show, things eventually started to fall into place. Andreadis explains, “Luckily, I had a wonderful vocal director, Pam Westphal, working with me to make sure everything went as planned.” He also said that Mrs. Durner, Mr. Moyer, and all of the parents stepped up to lend a hand and “[he’d] like to thank all of them for their support and hard work.”

In addition to the adult help, Mr. Andreadis also had the boost from his amazing cast. He says, “I have to say that I was really surprised and overly joyed that all my leads took on the challenge of learning all of their lines during winter break. I was expecting to hear gripes and moans about how hard it was going to be, but my cast proved me wrong.”

        It was feats like this that allowed Mr. Andreadis to go full steam ahead with the more fine details of the performance. He told us that he took special care to help the actors understand the motives and personalities of their characters. He would allow them to walk freely on the stage in the way that they would expect their characters to do.

        Andreadis says, “My favorite moments of working on this show were the moments I found myself in awe of the talent here at Nazareth- both onstage and offstage.”

All of these things and more have come together over the past few months to bring this musical to life. With all of the work of the actors, director, and the others who lent their time to the project, there is sure to be as much energy in the upcoming performances as there has been in the showings so far and in previous Nazareth shows.

         Performances this weekend are Friday 4/13 at 7:00, Saturday 4/14 at 2:00 and 7:00. Tickets will be available at the box office one hour prior to curtain, or via the web.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

FEATURE: When your BFF Teaches Across the Hall

by Kayleigh Vo

Photo Credit: Maggie Lefebvre
The friendship between English teachers Ms. Zansitis and Ms. Schaeffer bloomed about five to six years ago when Ms. Z settled into the classroom across from Schaeff’s. Speaking of Ms. Schaeffer’s nickname, they told me that they wouldn’t choose to change each others’ names because Schaeffer says, “I like the name Kate. I think she makes a great Kate” and Zansitis says, “You make a fantastic Schaeff.”

The duo love hanging out with each other at social events—including getting dolled up and chaperoning prom—but they can have fun just hanging out and talking too. They enjoy each other’s company so much that if they could go on vacation together, they would be fine with it being anywhere “tropical or, like, you know, a Caribbean resort,” according to Ms. Schaeffer who just loves to travel in general. However, the place they go to must also be “somewhere with, like, a beach and a nightlife,” says Ms. Zansitis.

The two also share movie interests. Their friendship is the same as Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph from Bridesmaids because “[they] basically are them.” However, if they could cast who plays each other in a movie about their friendship, Rachel McAdams would play Ms. Zansitis while Lacey Chabert would be Ms. Schaeffer because they love Mean Girls.

Even though they are great friends, they have one mutual pet peeve about each other: they are both “equally guilty of” being late, and they don’t like when each other are.

When asked what color and scent the other would be if they were a smelly marker, they quickly agreed on two smells. Ms. Schaeffer said grape or blueberry, and Ms. Zansitis said grape or watermelon, so they compromised. In the words of Ms. Zansitis, “I’m grape. She’s watermelon.”

Friday, April 6, 2018

SPORTS: Nazareth Ice Hockey

Photo Credit: Bishop Photography
By Maggie Lefebvre

This season the Nazareth Ice Hockey team placed second in the league with a record of 9-2-1. With such a successful season it had to be rough every once in a while. Sophomores Alex Lynch and Eli Laurin, and freshman Eric Carlson, reflected on their season and said one game in particular was difficult: Philipsburg had more experienced players along with a good offense that made them hard to defeat. However,  the team managed to pull off an amazing win against Philipsburg with a score of 14-7.

Although Philipsburg may have been one challenge on the team's way to victory, there were many other obstacles. Laurin said, “We just kept working hard, playing hard in practice, and always had our goal in sight.” In order to overcome the challenges, Lynch said teamwork, a common goal, and motivation from each other are key.

With everyone on the NAHS club team having a common goal, the team chemistry matters incredibly. Not only are these young men teammates, but they are friends off the ice as well. Lynch added that they are all “very adamant on the ice ‘cause [they] play well together.” Carlson also pointed out that if he had not known these people there would be a different atmosphere on the ice.

Hockey players have something additional to look forward to next season: Carlson says they will have a Varsity and Junior Varsity team. All of the young men told us that they are excited for the new team. Carlson said, “We haven’t had a varsity team in a while, so I am looking forward to it.”

Exciting opportunities and hard work aren’t the only things that make the game of hockey. Like every other sport, the love for hockey is strong in the team and every player. Hockey is their life on and off the ice. The friendships that are made, the competitive side, and the community is extraordinary.

TEACHER FEATURE: Getting to Know Mr. Smith!

Welcome to NAHS's regular Teacher Feature! 

This week we interviewed math teacher Mr. Derek Smith
Photo Credit: Maggie Lefebvre

1. What’s your favorite memory associated with your favorite team, Notre Dame? 
Going out to South Bend with my kids to see their 1st game in Indiana.

2. If you could choose one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Pizza-tastes the best anytime of the day.

3. If you could customize any tie, what would it look like?
It would have all of my favorite sports teams on the same tie (Mets, Notre Dame, Knicks, and Giants).

4. What about math made you want to teach it for the rest of your life?
[I] always enjoyed the subject, and when I tutored in college, I felt like I made it easy for the kids to learn.

5. What is your favorite math related joke?
What did the little tree say to the parent when it was older? Geometry.

6. If you could live in the universe for any movie, tv, or book, what would it be, and why?
Star Wars--it would be cool flying around planet to planet in hyperspace meeting all of the cool creatures.

7. If money was no object, what would you do all day?
Play baseball or coach baseball full-time.

8. Knowing what you are now, what advice would you give to your high school aged self? 
Take school seriously and work as hard as you can, but have fun and enjoy the process (get involved in everything you can).