Tuesday, April 10, 2018

FEATURE: When your BFF Teaches Across the Hall

by Kayleigh Vo

Photo Credit: Maggie Lefebvre
The friendship between English teachers Ms. Zansitis and Ms. Schaeffer bloomed about five to six years ago when Ms. Z settled into the classroom across from Schaeff’s. Speaking of Ms. Schaeffer’s nickname, they told me that they wouldn’t choose to change each others’ names because Schaeffer says, “I like the name Kate. I think she makes a great Kate” and Zansitis says, “You make a fantastic Schaeff.”

The duo love hanging out with each other at social events—including getting dolled up and chaperoning prom—but they can have fun just hanging out and talking too. They enjoy each other’s company so much that if they could go on vacation together, they would be fine with it being anywhere “tropical or, like, you know, a Caribbean resort,” according to Ms. Schaeffer who just loves to travel in general. However, the place they go to must also be “somewhere with, like, a beach and a nightlife,” says Ms. Zansitis.

The two also share movie interests. Their friendship is the same as Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph from Bridesmaids because “[they] basically are them.” However, if they could cast who plays each other in a movie about their friendship, Rachel McAdams would play Ms. Zansitis while Lacey Chabert would be Ms. Schaeffer because they love Mean Girls.

Even though they are great friends, they have one mutual pet peeve about each other: they are both “equally guilty of” being late, and they don’t like when each other are.

When asked what color and scent the other would be if they were a smelly marker, they quickly agreed on two smells. Ms. Schaeffer said grape or blueberry, and Ms. Zansitis said grape or watermelon, so they compromised. In the words of Ms. Zansitis, “I’m grape. She’s watermelon.”

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