Thursday, May 24, 2018

FEATURE: Does NAHS Really Have a Fallout Shelter?

By Dante Requena

Seeing as the school was built in 1955, there are bound to be some relics from days long past hidden around the school. While most of the school has been remodeled and made to look new, there are rumblings in the halls of a long abandoned fallout shelter hidden underneath the very floor that hundreds of students walk on every day…

Well, that's partially true: the door to the fallout shelter lies directly across from the engineering room. You open it and a very plain concrete stairwell greets you. The stairwell leads to a large room filled with old desks and a large section of it caged off by a fence.

The head custodian leading our tour informed us that this was actually used as an in-school suspension room. The room is also home to the school’s old incinerator which still has some ashes from documents from the 1970s and 80s. In the caged area, there is also a small door leading to a pipeline.

And after another flight of stairs we were finally in the “fallout shelter.”

Looking past the fact that it’s a small room only about the length of one classroom and the width of a hallway, it would probably be the safest place in the school in that type of event. It acts as an intermediate room to the boiler room and the old custodian break room.

The room itself is very empty containing only a desk, a very heavy cabinet, and what seemed to be an air conditioning unit from the 1970s. There is also an old booklet about heating and air conditioning from the early 1970s.

While the truth is never as exciting as the myth, it was still an experience to be able to see the famed “fallout shelter.” It also goes to show how the school has a very cool history that can still be found throughout the very building.
Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold 
Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

Photo Credit: Trinity Wambold

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