Thursday, June 7, 2018

FEATURE: How Do You Create an Art Show?

By: Sofia Zaldivar and Sarah Whitmire

We asked two of the art teachers, Ms. Stager and Mrs. Miller, some questions about the high school Art Show. Here are their answers:

How would you explain our Art Show to a new student?
The Art Show is a comprehensive show of artwork from all of the artists in our school. We feature painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, fashion design, graphic design, and various other artistic media.

How long has Nazareth been doing the Art Show?
It’s been going on for much longer than any of the art teachers have been here! I bet it’s been at least 30 years.

About how many students participate, and how many people attend the Art Show each year?
We try to collect attendance, but not everyone who comes signs in. As far as the number of people who actually sign in are concerned, we had approximately 300 visitors.

What do students have to do to participate?
All students who have art classes during the year are expected to have work in the art show. Depending on the level of the class, a student might have responsibilities to prepare their art for the show and/or create the display for their artwork.

About how long does a student spend on their board(s)?
The art department starts preparing for the art show months ahead of time. Some classes may have preparation assignments, such as sketching out their board designs, a month prior to the show. Actual construction of the displays varies based on the class and the design. The 3-D Arts class has the least available time to set up their artwork, as they must wait for the display space to be put together, while our 2-D classes can work in advance on their board designs.

What do you enjoy most about having the Art Show?
I enjoy getting to see the artwork all the students have created each year. It is exciting to see a whole body of work from one artist and the pride students take in exhibiting their work.

What are your goals for the Art Show next year?
We try to make it just a little bit better and more exciting each year. My biggest goal is to increase the interactivity of the show for the viewers.

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