Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How NAHS Freshmen are adapting to High School Life

By: Caitlin van Rensburg and Sarah Whitmire

As the first half of the semester passes, the News from the Nest staff wondered about our freshman class’ impressions of Nazareth Area High School so far. We talked to four freshman homerooms about their transition to the high school and how their first quarter went.
When asked about their favorite part of moving to the high school, a majority of the surveyed freshmen answered that the high school provides more freedom than the middle school. The freedom to pick their classes, to see their friends more often, and to use the resources the school provides has become very appealing to many members of the freshman class.
The transition from middle school to high school is difficult for many incoming freshman. As a result, we asked about the most difficult part of their assimilation into high school culture. The most popular answer was the academic differences between the schools. Many students felt that their workload increased heavily as well as the way their homework and tests are graded. However, many students also added that after their first quarter, they have begun to get used to it.
There are many differences between the middle school and the high school. Our final question to the surveyed freshman was which school they preferred: the middle school or the high school. Twenty-four students reported that they like the high school better and seven reported that they preferred the middle school.

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