Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Got an E-Hallpass?

By Muskan Bajwa and Adrian Gomes

E-Hallpass is part of Nazareth High School’s new trend towards electronic resources.  It is an online pass service that helps schools in various ways, such as quicker, easier access on electronic devices, which all students carry most of the time. Teachers can activate and deactivate passes for students to go to the restroom, the office, or even other classrooms. 

NAHS administration has accepted E-Hallpass from day one. Ms. Strausser, the school’s educational technology specialist, states, “I liked the idea. I am on my computer all the time and I find it easier to click on approve in the E-Hallpass dashboard for a student pass then to look for a paper pass.”  Mr. Tafel, from the history department, agrees that it’s easy to use since it's only a few clicks away rather than filling out a paper. 

E-Hallpass has made passes easier in numerous ways. Especially for staff who have a larger number of students to keep track of, such as Mrs. Strouse in the library, who uses E-Hallpass for everything and has stopped using paper passes entirely. 

Even though this new pass system has made it easier for the staff, it has caused some issues. Ms. Strausser explains, “So far, I have found only one staff member who is not a member in the program. I have a tech request in to have that issue fixed.” For teachers and other staff members, though, the internet connection has occasionally been an issue, according to Mr. Tafel. 

E-Hallpass is an innovative software to make schools safer and go on to a paperless future. According to a blog post on the Eduspire Solutions website, “With e-hallpass, physical security of students is paramount, and the data made available through the application’s reporting features can help administrators and teachers refine their emergency preparedness measures”

In fact, Mrs. Strausser explains that at Nazareth “It also helps during safety drills.  If I have to account for a student who has not been checked in by a teacher, I can check to see if they were out on a pass. This will help me narrow down what part of the building the student might be in. I could use this information to contact one of the teams near that location to find the unaccounted for student.”

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