Friday, November 1, 2019

Share the Road

By Alora Kutzler and Ian White

Last month, Nazareth Area High School SADD Club held the Share the Road program provided by Walmart. This program taught students how to drive safely around large vehicles.

The truck drivers who ran the program explained the purpose of the program. One driver, Adam, is a professional driver with 21 years of experience and 3 million miles in his career. He explained, "Trucks are on every road, and it's good for all people, especially younger drivers to learn about how to be safe around large trucks."

Nazareth students climbed into the cab and got to look from the truck driver's point of view which gave them insight on blind spots and safe distances from other vehicles. But students also learned that truck drivers do more than just drive. The drivers explained what they see on the highway and how they are trained to react. Students also learned how truck drivers are part of Pennsylvania’s spotted lanternfly campaign; they’re required to inspect their trucks for and of the invasive insects who may be hitching a ride. Addtionally, the Truck drivers also explained how they regularly keep a vigilant eye out for the signs of human trafficking.

Students found the program to be a valuable one. Junior Isaiah Eddings gave his take-home of the event.  He stated, ‘’I found this event very insightful because I learned how to drive around trucks safely. Today I learned many things such as the right side of a truck is the biggest blind spot for the driver.’’  He suggested we “do this for juniors and seniors every year because it helps […] drivers, drive safely around trucks and avoid accidents.’’ 

SADD Club leader Mrs. Frace was pleased with the Walmart truck drivers and the event: “We are surrounded by warehouses nowadays and we cannot avoid trucks on the road, so this event is very helpful and gives a lot of knowledge to not only new drivers but to the experienced driver as well.”

She is already planning next year's event, explaining, “I believe next year we are going to make it mandatory so every gym class brings their juniors down, then we will get everyone involved.”

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